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the top as decoration. While I made the coffin, almost all of the visitors left the village. They left quickly because they are afraid of death. The villagers leave those who are dying in their villages alone and out- side. They are afraid to have them die inside their homes, and when it is time to bury them, they get another tribe to bury the body. They don't even have a cemetery or place for burial. They don't even know where their loved ones are buried. They are too afraid. The people in the village of Santa Maria stayed to see how we dealt with death. They were all in the church when Pastor Victor preached the service. Everyone heard the pastor say, “We don't fear death, we see it as a journey to heaven. We will see her again.” They heard the Gospel clearly that day. They came with us to the burial site. We walked through the jungle to the place where a few of the Christians had been digging the grave. She was placed in the grave and they began to cover the coffin. Then her husband, Rico stepped up and began to help cov- er his wife's grave. I lost it there. “Why?” is a question you aren't A touching report from missionary Clint Vernoy when he served in the Amazon Jungle— Clint with his wife, Rita, now serve in the country of Paraguay. supposed to ask, but still, why? All of those people would never have en- tered the church nor would they have ever let us preach in their village if Magdelena had not died. Magdelena always prayed with us in church for the preaching of the Gospel in the other villages. God chose to use her this way. When my wife, Rita, went to see Magdelena at her house before they took her away in the coffin, she came out of the house crying. The old grandmother, Merceda, who is one of the first Christians from back in 1970, called Rita over and took her hand and The International Bible Ministry to the Nations told her it would be all right. Magdele- na was with God in His house now and Magdelena was happy. Amazing—the Indian comforting the missionary. That is what it is all about. When we all get to heaven, I will introduce you to them all. A TRAIL OF TEARS IN THE AMAZON JUNGLE. Who would ever care about such people…so far away—in the JUNGLES OF THE AMAZON? But CLINT and RITA were there —standing in God's stead…to WIPE THE TEARS AWAY. es Ray Dr. Jam Rev. Ga ry Spr unger The International Bible Ministry is partnering with Rev. Gary Sprunger, Caribbean Director of BIMI, to evangelize the city of LA VEGA – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. The resident missionary there is Stephen Brockell. Already some are giving toward the printing of Bibles to blanket this city with the Good News. TO GIVE TO THIS PROJECT, DESIGNATE YOUR GIFT TO: THE INTERNATIONAL BIBLE MINISTRY, BIMI DR. JAMES RAY (DOMINICAN PROJECT) PO BOX 9, Harrison, TN 37341 12 • NATIONS