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A COUNTRY bordered by a beau- tiful sea, covered with majestic mountains and rich in land— A country once occupied by Ancient Rome and later by other powers— For missionary YET A COUNTRY struggling with a background devastated by a Communist dictator who CARED NOTHING for his PEOPLE— opportunities in Europe, The Communist dictator dreamed of stamping out all traces of GOD of ANY KIND in Albania. He ALMOST ACHIEVED THAT. contact Ed Hembree, BIMI missionaries entering Alba- nia found a people whose concept of God was almost non-existent— “Just Nothing!” However, most of the people still believe that somewhere, someplace THERE MUST BE A GOD. The Trail of Tears in Europe Director, at Albania Mike McCombie BIMI. Mike and Wilda McCombie now serve as Western States Representatives for BIMI. James and Mary Ray led a team into Albania to help missionaries Mike and Wilda McCombie distrib- ute the first Bibles in the country. They set up a distribution point in the center of the capital city. Dry weather was an absolute miracle this time of the year. The team was not sure what would happen—after all these people had been programmed to hate Ameri- 6 • NATIONS cans and religion (or so the dictator thought). THE RESPONSE WAS WONDER- FUL. REACHING HANDS extended for Bibles. Some kissed them. Oth- ers kissed team members. They were just glad that some Americans cared enough for Albanians to come and give them a Bible.That first day 5,000 PEOPLE WERE PHYSICALLY TOUCHED—5,000 PEOPLE who had lived all of their lives in atheistic darkness WENT HOME FOR THE FIRST NIGHT OF THEIR LIVES —with a WORD FROM GOD. The Communist dictator had crushed all religions, destroyed all churches, and erased every trace of God. The country was totally atheist. God was GONE!