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heard the Gospel too! Her husband, Roy, made a profession of faith over a year ago, but now says he is unsure if God is real. Please pray for his true salvation. Mike & Terri Clark – Legacy Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA I am an active user of Social Media, but recently I have noticed a trend.  It seems as if no one ever has a bad day, an off Sunday.  It seems like everything has to always come up roses or we as Church Planters are doing something wrong.  Recently we have seen record high days as well as record low days.  While it does not excite people to post that we had 12 for our evening service recently, it is no less the truth.  Church Planting is not Twitter where every day is a celebration. It is LONG, HARD WORK and we must stick to it. It's a marathon, not a sprint. At Legacy, we are building stone by stone, life by life, street by street. There are no shortcuts, but there always is next Sunday! Dan & Martha Guider – Baptist International Bible Institute, Atlanta, GA Baptist International Bible Institute was founded by BIMI missionary Dr. Grant Carter and Rev. Dan Tibbs in 1985 to train inner city pastors to plant and pastor independent, fundamental, Baptist churches.  In 1989 we took over directing the Bible Institute after serving in the West Indies for 13 years.  Recently we did a statistical survey of the mission work in Atlanta.   We have now trained 51 church planters and pastors who have started new churches or restarted churches.  Some took traditional black churches and led them to be fundamental, Bible believing, soul winning Baptist churches.  We have also trained an additional 80 preachers who are associate pastors or who are serving in church leadership some way.  We have also trained over 200 others who are Sunday School teachers, deacons, children's workers, etc. In addition we have trained 4 evangelists and 2 missionaries, one of whom is in South Africa.  I have planted 2 churches, co- planted another one, restarted another church, assisted in planting 2 Hispanic churches, assisted in planting a Korean church, and assisted our graduates in many other church plants.  I have also assisted in the starting of 5 other Bible institutes.  To God be the Glory!  Please keep the church planting mission work in Atlanta in your prayers. 12 Reseeding America – Summer, 2013