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Could God Use YOU to Plant a Church in the Pacific Northwest? Exciting things are happening in the Pacific Northwest! Reseeding America was recently contacted by several churches in that region. We were pleased to learn that these established churches are preparing to give birth to new churches. They are getting ready to step out by faith and reproduce their own churches and at the same time they are asking the Lord to provide church planters. They are asking us to bring them men who have a pioneer spirit to pastor the new churches that are going to be started. Reseeding America is now in the process of seeking out those men who will pray about going to start and pastor new churches in the Northwest United States. Make Your Plans Now to All of that information leads us to Survey and Travel the Pacific ask the following question, “Could Northwest with Reseeding God use you to plant a church in the America Next Summer Pacific Northwest?” We don't believe July 10-21, 2014 you can really answer that question without considering a survey trip to this region of the U.S. Just as foreign missionaries take survey trips to third world countries, so church planters inside the United States should consider a trip to the area where God may be leading them to establish a New Testament Baptist Church. This will be an exciting twelve day trip to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. You will see firsthand the church planting needs in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you as a future church planter, especially if you are praying about starting a work in the Northwest. Traveling with you will be men who are experienced church planters and pastors who have planted or are in the process of planting churches. These men can answer your questions about church planting. There will also be numerous soul winning opportunities during the twelve days of traveling. Reseeding America is a ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc. Assisting local churches and their missionary church planters in the starting of new churches and the restarting of churches in decline across the United States National Reseeding America Representative Dr. John Bailes 423-605-4020 USA Director Bob Larson 423-605-6098 2 Reseeding America – Summer, 2013