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Report Received from Suburban Baptist Church in Moore, Oklahoma Gratefully received from … Baptist International Missions, Inc Disaster Relief Fund (Tornado in Moore, OK) From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You have been a real blessing to the people of our church, and to our entire city. You have helped us as a church minister to them in Jesus name. This is our report and letter of appreciation to each of you for the things and/or the monetary contributions you have sent to us in our hour of need. We actually had six families who lost EVERYTHING in the Tornado. Many more families were affected in smaller ways. There is also a couple who just joined our church this past Sunday morning who were actually standing outside their house with the front door locked when the F5 hit. The tornado blew their locked door open, blew them inside and left them underneath a pile of rubble for about an hour and a half before someone found them and dug them out. Needless to say, God got their attention: they rededicated their hearts to the Lord that night and have been in church EVERY Sunday morning since the tornado originally hit. As you may already know, immediately after the tornado hit we felt like we needed to open our church and use our gym as a donation and distribution center to not only pass out free food and supplies, but also freely pass out Gospel literature and Bibles and look for every opportunity to talk to people about the Lord. The results have been very positive. We never had to ask for anything, people just gave. We have also had some come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Praise the Lord! At the end of June we decided to shut down our donation and distribution center and go back to what we consider our normal ministry. What few things we have not already given away, we have taken to a local distribution center that does this type of ministry year around. Our main focus from here on will be on helping families financially and spiritually.