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We have used the monetary contributions to help each of the families from our church who were affected the most by the tornado to get back on their feet. Most were overwhelmed with emotion when given the offerings. They are people who were not used to being helped by others. In times past, they have always been on the giving end, and this was hard for them, but it was greatly appreciated­—and needed. Some were families of bus children. How they were surprised to see the love of the family of God for their children. There are many stories which I would love to tell if I had the time, but make no mistake, God used your generosity in a great way. ATTENTION: BIMI has established a Disaster Relief Pastor Ron Lindsey Suburban Baptist Church Fund that is used to help victims by working through local churches that are in the area of the event. When events take Moore, Oklahoma place, we receive calls from churches and individuals asking if we are involved helping those affected. You can help us stay prepared to help by contributing on a monthly basis or a lump sum from time to time. You may designate your contribution to Disaster Relief Fund Acct. #1238 and send to BIMI at PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341. Reseeding America – Summer, 2013 7