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Alabama, Tennessee & Georgia Churches work together to restart Northern Alabama Church By Bob Larson This past spring when the call went out to come and assist in a church restart at Albertville Baptist Church in Albertville, Alabama, we were thrilled with the response. Over one hundred fifty people came in from churches in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama to help distribute Grand-Opening literature! Because of these hard working churches, the majority of Marshall County received a Gospel packet on their door with an invitation to opening services. It is amazing what can be accomplished when churches determine to assist one another. Thanks to each and every church that came and who participated to restart this church in Albertville. Tri-state churches gather to begin distribution Each church was asked to arrive at around 9:00 a.m. A short devotion was given and a song was sung. Groups then selected an area where they would work for the morning hours. Maps and door hanger bags were given out and groups then loaded into church vans for a busy morning. At noon a lunch was prepared and a great time of fellowship was enjoyed between the participating churches. 8 Reseeding America – Summer, 2013