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Promotional piece with Romans Book In church restart and new start distributions we rely heavily on sister churches working together with Reseeding America and the local church to get the promotional and Gospel material out to the masses. A quality four-color flyer is placed in a door hanger bag. Along with the flyer, we place a custom printed Romans book with the plan of salvation and a decision form on the inside of the book. The back cover of the Romans book always has important church contact information custom printed on it. We have found that people may misplace the flyer, but more often than not they will not throw away the Romans book because it is Scripture. We have actually had people walk into churches months after a distribution carrying the Romans book. Reseeding America Church planters Ken and June Love moved late last year to Alabama to restart the Albertville Baptist Church located at 302 Buchanan Road in Albertville. This veteran church planting couple have spent their married life together starting churches and reviving churches in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean (Grand Cayman Island), and have filled in for a missionary on the Island of Tinian in the Pacific. They have been associated with Baptist International Missions, Inc., since 1981. Ken's decision to pastor in Albertville, Alabama, is a result of much prayer and seeking the will of God. Please pray for them as they labor to reestablish this church. Ask God to give them more laborers who can assist them in this ministry. Reseeding America – Summer, 2013 9