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Cambodia Tom Garra, MMO team member Help for the Body, Hope for the Soul By Stephen Benefield There is a saying many have heard: “Many hands make light work.” Well, it's not always true! Sometimes a job is so big that even with lots of people helping, it's still heavy. Such was the case recently when we partnered with Medical Missions Outreach (see previous article) to host a 4-day medical clinic. God blessed with a great turnout, and we were able to treat over 800 patients during the four days! The Participants of the Clinic Many hands (and there were many!) definitely didn't make the work light; however, many hands made the work possible. There were six distinct groups of people who were involved in this outreach in some way, shape or form. 1. Medical Missions Outreach team The MMO team of ten people included eight medical professionals. These dear folks took time off work and paid money to go somewhere else and work for free. The team provided competent and sound medical care for the body while at the same time touching hearts with their gracious and compassionate demeanor. 2. Team of volunteers from Singapore Missionaries Chantha and Susan Chhim brought a group of 11 people from Singapore. They were a huge help providing logistical support in areas like triage, lab, pharmacy and escorting patients around the clinic. 21