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Brazilian Sign Language Alphabet that his sin was taking him to hell. No words can convey the feeling of joy that overcame my soul the day he trusted Christ as his Savior—not that he wasn't willing to do so sooner. He just didn't know how to be saved! In sharp contrast to the deaf who have no education and only rudimentary skills in signing, there are others whom we have reached who are college graduates and highly skilled in signs. A challenge I face every week is preaching and teaching to a mixed group of deaf people. There are some who barely know signs, some who are skilled in signing but cannot read, and a few who can read and sign well. We just held a conference on April 12–14, 2013, celebrating our deaf ministry's 10 th anniversary. Deaf pastor James Liebrecht came from the States to preach for us. As he preached in American Sign Language, I interpreted into Brazilian Sign Language and voiced in Portuguese. The Lord blessed in a mighty way. The hearing people were truly blessed as well! We had nearly seventy visitors. The church was packed on the last service with around four hundred people, sixty of whom were deaf. We are grateful for the eight souls saved during the conference. To God be the glory! Pray the Lord will send forth laborers into the harvest. We need more people to help us reach the deaf in Brazil. Pray the laborers will be able to grasp the Brazilian Sign Language fluently and be able to think like the deaf in order to better communicate with them. Many of our interpreters are not able to witness very well to the deaf because it is a whole different way of thinking. Pray we will be able to train deaf people to reach their own people. W Francisco & Waine Number 2, 2013 BIMI WORLD 27