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GREENLAND #5 Door Open Far North By Steve Stone “You wouldn't believe such a place existed until you have seen it. I've traveled a lot and this is amazing!” This quote from a tourist sums up the uniqueness of Greenland. It is one thing to hear about a place or people group, but it is another thing to see it first hand. As field director for Alaska, Canada and Greenland, I am burdened that BIMI have a church planting family working in Kalaallit Nunaat (the official name of Greenland in the official language), “The Greenlander's Country.” As we spin a globe, Greenland's immense size gets our attention. Near the top of the world, it is the largest island on the planet. After visiting 160 countries, Don Arnold (BIMI's videographer) states that Greenland is now his favorite place to visit. Many know this tidbit about Greenland: “Greenland is ice, and Iceland is green.” When many start to talk about Greenland, Iceland automatically becomes a part of the conversation. One young boy readily knew Greenland received its name to entice settlers to live in Greenland's icy mountains— it was even written into a missionary hymn. Almost 60,000 people live in this land of dog sledging (Greenlandic for dog sledding), northern lights, ice and snow, whales and pioneering people. Only the southernmost part of Greenland is actually green. One can see lambs in the pastures and potatoes being harvested. I saw a picture of a tractor in the field with icebergs floating by in the background. Erik the Red had a good idea—call it Greenland and others will join me in this wonderful place. Ilulissat 5