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Volume 13, Issue 3 FALL 2013 Military Service to Christian Service by Dr. Jeff Alverson One of the great joys of being a military missionary is the blessing of seeing many military personnel and their families come to Christ. Many young men and women have left their homes to join the ser- vice, encountering one of our military missionaries, hearing the Gospel (sometimes for the first time ever) and trusting Christ to be their Savior. More than 2,600 came to Christ this past year through our military missionaries' efforts. Then, a blessing beyond this is to see them transfer from military service into full-time Christian service. For the most part, military people are young and energetic. When they get saved and get on fire for God (their lives out before them), many ask the question that Saul of Tarsus asked shortly after he was converted on the Damascus Road (Acts 9:1-6) and that most believers do not ask sincerely in a lifetime, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? When they finish their tenure of service, many go to Bible college and into the ministry. The Maranatha Baptist Church in Okinawa, Japan, has on record more than 400 preachers who came out of that one church. Rhein River Baptist Church, Mannheim, Germany, has seen more than 100 and the Bethel Baptist Church of Rota, Spain, reported more than 150 just to name a few. We have dedicated this issue of the GI BANNER to those called to preach in a military church. We trust you will enjoy reading their testimonies and that you will pray for their ministries. European Military Field Conference Normandy, France Dr. James Kennard, Director Dr. Jeff Alverson, Assistant Director/Editor Rev. Steve Nutt, Assistant Editor In July we held our biennial European Field Conference for Military Missions in Normandy, France. Most of our European military missionaries, some pastors and their wives from the States and others from Europe joined us for this great trip of a lifetime. There we toured the areas of the D-Day battles and the highlight of the trip was the American cemetery at Omaha Beach. We had a service on Wednesday afternoon at the grave site of General Theodore Roosevelt who died a few days after the Invasion from a heart attack. Pastor Ernest Groce preached a soul-stirring message. One highlight at the end of the day was six BIMI military missionaries taking part in the lowering and folding of the American flag in the cemetery (see photo). Dr. Tom Lancaster, one of our missionaries, hosted the tour. Our missionaries and all who attended will never forget the field conference of 2013 at Normandy.