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Jeff & Mi Kyong Stewart Every year on May 19 I call Dr. Jeff Alverson and thank him for being a missionary to the US Military in Germany back in the 1980s. It was under his ministry I heard the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ and was eternally saved on May 19, 1987, in Aschaffenburg, Germany. That same year on July 6, I was called to preach THE WORD! I was discharged from the Army January 9 1990, and we got on a plane January 10 and arrived on the mission field for the first time on January 11. In 1991 we were the first independent Baptist missionaries to live in Bulgaria. Since then we have done mission work throughout eastern and western Europe, including pastor of a military church in Hanau, Germany. The last few years we have had the opportunity to evangelize in several countries throughout Africa and Asia as well. We again “Praise the Lord” for those that minister to our US Military around the world. Andrew Hills & Baptist Laurie Tollhouse, Billings Pastor of Sierra Church, California I joined the US Marine Corps in 1993. After completion of training, I was sent to Okinawa, Japan. Being a new husband and a newly saved Christian and desiring for my family to grow in faith, I began looking for a church to attend. My Gunnery Sergeant, Eric Parks, invited me to Maranatha Baptist Church, located just outside the main gate to Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. My wife and I visited that first Sunday and stayed for a year. The preaching was relevant and practical to my needs as a military member and for my wife as a military wife. We fell in love with the church family and the pastor. Time came for me to transition to Quantico, Virginia. Hard good byes were said, but I knew that I would see them all again someday. Little did I know how soon. As I reenlisted, I was given orders back to Okinawa for a three-year tour in 1998. God is so good to us. In 2000 we called a new pastor. God used him in a mighty way. He compassionately preached the Word and souls were saved. The pastor helped me with my soul winning by showing me how and what the Bible teaches about it. I began serving in the bus ministry and God moved my heart in a huge way. I knew and felt God's calling on my life, but I knew that God needed Marines to serve Him in the Corps. But God had other plans. I had two knee surgeries and was medically discharged from the Marine Corps and landed in Lancaster, California, at West Coast Baptist College. God needed a preacher more than a Marine. I finished Bible college in May 2006 and God sent me to the foothills near Fresno, California, where I became a youth pastor for a year and a half. In October 2007 God again promoted me to Senior Pastor of Sierra Hills Baptist Church where I am currently serving. The church went from 30 to 120 members in just a few short years. We currently support 35 missionaries for a total of $46,200 a year. God has truly blessed. Our third staff member arrived on July 18, 2013.