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Stephen & Kimiyo Canter The words “greater than tongue or pen can ever tell” penned by Frederick M. Lehman in his song The Love of God comes to my mind when thinking of Military Missions. What Christ did for each one of us and all that He accomplished on the cross simply cannot be put into words neither can all the heartfelt thankfulness and praises for Military Missions that comes from all corners of the world. It simply cannot be put in a single book or article. Military Missions has literally changed thousands of lives for Christ, but the story does not stop there. Military churches not only live out the Great Commission in the truest sense but also they do it with compassion. They reach out into the national communities, providing a first-hand view of the harvest field. In doing so, they become the spawning and training grounds for missionaries. The missionaries that go out from there go on to reach thousands of nationals from other countries. We can personally attest to that fact. My wife and I are missionary products of a Military Church. In 1991, we—my wife, three children, and I—were transferred from Homestead Air Force Base to Misawa, Japan. There we found Faith Baptist Church with BIMI missionary pastor Michael Hearrell. The atmosphere was friendly and the sermons were biblical. It was a missions-minded church at a whole different level. The Baptist churches we were members of both in Pensacola and Miami were missions-minded churches with strong Faith Promise programs. Both churches held annual missions conferences and at least one other missions emphasis Sunday. Missionaries were frequently visiting both churches. But Faith Baptist Church was not only a missions-minded church but also it lived and breathed missions—missions was the church. Turnover of members at Faith was a regular occurrence as with any military ministry. That required the frequent review of basic biblical principles, including missions and Faith Promise. It was an enjoyable experience to sit under the preaching of Godly men such as Dr. Don Sisk, Dr. Les Frazier, Dr. James Kennard, Dr. Jeff Alverson and others. Their influence impacted our family and at least seven other families (stationed together from 1991–1994 at Misawa) to go into full-time ministries. Several of those became missionaries with BIMI's Military Ministry and are now training others for the next generation. In 2004, after attending Bible college and completing deputation, our family returned to Japan as BIMI missionaries to the Japanese nationals. We started a church plant in Tsukuba in 2008 and now are averaging over 30 people for Sunday morning services. We have seen 25 precious souls saved and seven baptized. All can be attributed to Military Missions. Perhaps you have felt led of God to become involved in missions but are hesitant because of learning a language. Then Military Missions is the place for you. Military Missions is a place where you have the chance to impact thousands for our Lord in a very needy field. It is a place to reach the men and women who are placing their lives on the line daily for our safety. Will you consider this needy field? Patrick & Shelia Wolfe Immediately after basic training I was stationed in Germany during Desert Storm. In 1996 I was again stationed in Germany, this time as a married soldier. We were very fortunate, God had led a missionary couple to start a church to the US military outside the base where we lived. This couple took us under their wing, loved us, showed us, and taught us the things Christ could do for us. My wife and I know firsthand the great need of taking the Gospel to our military and their families around the world. We have certainly been blessed of God and we are grateful that He has called us as missionaries to the military. Luke 12:48 tells us that For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. Everything we have has been paid for in blood—our church, our salvation and our freedom. That alone requires us to give something back to those who even now pay for our freedom with their blood and their lives. But we owe a greater debt than that. We are a family still today because of a missionary couple who was willing to go to Germany and tell us about Christ when we were alone and scared. Our desire is to go back to the most isolated and alone of those who daily pay the price for the freedom we enjoy and give back what was given to us. We desire to plant a church near a base and show Christ to the servicemen and women as well as their families and the civilians supporting them. We desire to show His Strength, His Love, His Understanding and His Forgiveness. We started deputation August 1 and God has blessed abundantly. After just a month into deputation, we already have 2% of our support and God continues to open doors. Please stop by our website at or send us an e-mail at and let us know you are praying for us. Or better yet, invite us in to share our burden. The field truly is white already to harvest.