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Update on Support for Missionaries on Deputation Chris & Lou Anne War - 90% Dr. Kennard and Dr. Alverson would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting these worthy missionaries. It is important to military missions that these missionaries be on the field as soon as possible. In military missions we have urgent needs around the world. Military missions is one of the most fruitful ministries and one of the most needful. Our goal is to reach our military men and their families around the world. If possible, please help us in getting these willing missionaries placed around the world. We at BIMI appreciate your help and prayers. Brandyn & Alicia Knight - 30% Jesse & Lynne Pilalas - 82% Patrick & Sheila Wolfe - 2% (new missionaries) Jason & Leah Harvell - 50% Don & Patsy Drake - 92% Danny & Haruna McKittrick - 32%