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by Curt Waite Short-term Missions Have you ever desired to take a short-term missions trip to some place where you do not have to know a foreign language or obtain a foreign visa? If so, Antigua might be the place for you to start. You will need your passport, a return airline ticket, and a desire to serve. The Caribbean Radio Lighthouse and its American missionary staff members have been involved with team ministries since the early years of operation in the mid- 1970s. The first teams were groups coming to help with the actual construction of the radio station studio and transmitting facilities. Later, groups started coming down to be involved in ministries such as Backyard Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools and musical presentations in the local churches, camps, maintenance of the station, construction of churches, and construction of the two CRL missionary homes. Several groups from Christian schools have come down for their senior trips, even doing ministry while taking a few days of “vacation” on the mission field of Antigua. One group divided their team and did ministry on our sister island of Barbuda while the others worked here on the island. The team ministry was originally geared for the summer months during family vacation time while the students from the States and the children from Antigua were out of school for the summer. However, in more recent years, we have been having groups during the Christmas vacation time. The visiting team members give up their Christmas vacation time with family, to spend time with people of another culture, along with sharing Christ in a variety of different situations. This has proved to be a very fruitful time of year and the weather is much more tolerable, especially for those from northern climates. The churches have been blessed by the extra help and by the new ideas learned from the teams. So far, we have had visitors from many parts of the North American continent. Team members come from all age groups and walks of life. Being young is not a requirement for serving the Lord, whether at home or abroad. Yes, many of our visitors are young, but a large number over the years, have been people of middle 10 Islander – No 1, 2013