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age and retirement age, grabbing the opportunity to visit another culture and serve the Lord along with God's people. In fact, there seems to be a need around the world for available individuals who could commit short-time, without having to be concerned about financial support, to fill in for or work alongside, God's servants in various types of ministry around the world. College students from various Christian schools have come to spend time working in the field of Christian radio. So far, the times have been as short as a few days up to nine months. Some have gone on to finish school and give their lives for foreign missionary service. Others have gone home never to look at the world the same way as they did before their trip, and to help promote missions in their local churches. Our desire is not only to get the extra work done, but that the eyes of our visitors will be opened to the opportunities awaiting the person looking to serve the Lord. Would you be willing to commit a short period of your life to helping in this particular way? We are now seeing second generation members and requests from others to come back on an individual basis for a short-term. It is a real joy to read or hear about former short-term team members now serving the Lord full-time in fields around the world. What a blessing to hear some of them say, “The missions trip to Antigua is where I decided to give the Lord my life! In fact, our entire present missionary team is here because of short-term missions trips. Antigua may not be the place you decide to go, but would you consider looking for a place where you can take a short-term missions trip, away from familiar surroundings, and maybe out of your comfort zone? Would you consider a place where you can serve the Lord with friends, possibly see or help someone come to know Jesus as Savior? Would you like to have a good time of fellowship, and be able to sort out God's will for your life? Consider short-term missions. Islander – No 1, 2013 11