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The attendance at our weekly soccer games with the boys from the village is growing. We rejoice that we have seen some of these young men come to know the Lord! Wes & Faith-Ann Bartley, St. Lucia F What a wonderful end of the year the Lord has given us here in Puerto Rico….As we go out as a church sharing the Word of the Lord, He continues to bless us with souls. We ask you to pray for those that have seen the Light of the Gospel. When they do, they are cast out of the family and severely criticized. Satan fights against the newborn believer to keep him from growing to be a strong Christian. But thank God that He that is in him now is greater than he that is in the world. Steve & Ann Buchanan, Puerto Rico F One of the ladies who was saved and baptized in our church when we first started here, recently told us she had prayed for three years for someone to come and start a church in her area. She did not know about us, but God did, and she had started praying the same time we were making plans to come to Trinidad. There are people in other countries praying for YOU to give them the Gospel in their land. Will YOU obey God's will? We had a good Christmas season. We printed special invitations for our church services and attached a small candy cane on it. We passed out over 200 of them at our junction….On Christmas day we had our highest attendance (for a Christmas service) with 35 people. Since our last letter, we saw six people saved on soul winning and in our services. David & Terri Long, Trinidad F Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, and Everlasting Father—these are just a few of the names of Christ commonly remembered during Christmas. This was our theme for our second annual Family Christmas Craft Night in which we made Christmas ornaments with the names of Christ. After the craft time, Erik preached a message about the significance of these names, and we were able to share the Gospel with many visitors. Erik & Holly Johnson, Dominican Republic F Maribel is a young woman who lives about a block from our church. She experienced a horrible brain hemorrhage and nearly lost her life. One of our faithful church members, Wandy Pinales, was in the hospital dealing with a possible case of cancer himself (it turned out to be negative) at the same time Maribel came out of surgery for her hemorrhage. Wandy is serious about preaching the Gospel to anyone who will listen. He decided to go around the hospital and pray for those who were suffering. He came to Maribel's room and began to pray for her and minister to her. Wandy was able to lead Maribel to Christ that day. She has a long road ahead of her with therapy and follow up visits. She told us that she was so full of pride, and had she not had the hemorrhage she never would have listened to the Gospel. We thank God for people like Wandy Pinales who have a heart for getting the Good News to those who are without Christ. Michael & Anna Doering, Dominican Republic F I have reprinted volumes I and II of Dr. Mark Cambron's book, Bible doctrines: Beliefs that Matter in Spanish. Pray for those who will help with putting the spiral bindings on them. Pray for the Lord to supply the funds for the reprinting of the booklet DNA Evidence of the Supernatural Beginning of Life on Earth (Spanish) and for my new booklet in this series which is called Evolution Cannot Explain the Design, Complexity and Coherence of Living Things (Spanish). Dr. Jerry Reece, Spanish Representative in the Caribbean F Fran and I attended a Marriage Seminar Retreat. It was a time of fellowship and refreshing. I preached the Sunday am service. We give God thanks for all the married couples attending who were children when we pioneered Bethel Baptist Church. They remained faithful to God, married in the church and are now raising their children in the church. We are now seeing the THIRD GENERATION in the churches. Praise the Lord. Richey & Fran Young, Jamaica F Our Bible school has over 140 students enrolled this year with Benji teaching all my classes. Souls have been saved in the church conferences and during weekly meetings. A man I have been praying for and witnessing to for several years came to Christ recently. Don & Bridgitt Dryden, Haiti F Pastor Samuel Ovalle is the pastor out of our church who recently started a new work in the nearby neighborhood of Guaricanos. We just Islander – No 1, 2013 13