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recently helped him relocate his church to a more centralized location on the main street. We took a group of our members over and walked through the streets passing out fliers and inviting people to the new location. I preached for him the following Sunday evening for his first service in the new building. It is a blessing to see their growth and their excitement about what the Lord is going to do there. One of our special activities for November was a class on Christian music. Brother Andres Amoros, a fellow missionary here, came and taught on the importance of keeping our church music holy and God-honoring. It was informative and well presented; our church members were very attentive as he shared the Scriptures. We also had a Family Photo Day to bring in some of the family members who do not usually come to church. Our Christmas Cantata gave opportunity to some new members to get involved in the church. We had around 160 people and many visitors that came and heard the true story of Christmas and a clear plan of salvation. Josh & Joy Wesson, Dominican Republic F Another hurricane—but we accept it as a gift from our Father's hand. We look inside the envelope of destruction to see what message it brings. Though it be in a rough packing case, we know there is treasure in it. We had planned a baptismal service for Sunday, but hurricane Sandy wiped out our cemented facility, which the Lord helped to provide for us along the iron-shore, using seawater (of course) with ebb and flow of tide, and the water was too rough to baptize elsewhere. We still have the entire Caribbean Sea for that purpose though. Russ & Bobbie Turner, Cayman Islands F Our daughter, Cassia, who is 9 going on 10 was used by the Lord to bring her first soul to the Lord last month. God is so good! She led one of her friends to the Lord after the Sunday night church service. The following week her friend was baptized. Her mom, grandma, grandpa, and great grandma all came and said that was the best Christmas present they had ever received. Jim & Kelly Shelton, Puerto Rico F Our annual Christmas Dinner was a big success again this year. Over 135 folks celebrated the birth of our Savior with a wonderful meal. We celebrated Dominican style with fried chicken, rice and beans, and pastalon de platanos maduro 14 Islander – No 1, 2013 (a casserole made with ripe bananas), and of course many different sweets! One adult man came forward to accept Christ as his Savior during the invitation after my message. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Jeff & Traci Garrison, Dominican Republic F February 1 marks one year since we moved to Antigua to begin working at the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse…beginning January 1, we began broadcasting 24 hours a day. We have received a few grateful phone calls and this note from a listener: “Thanks for continuing to be a blessing in my life, and for consenting to the requests of the listeners to stay on all night.” Nathan & Renee Owens, Antigua F Jerry found a barbershop here in town, as he was overdue for a haircut. The place is normally packed with seven barber chairs, yet he found himself the only one there. After a short time of chatting, he got down to business and was able to lead the barber, Melvin, to the Lord. Melvin has not yet come to church, but we hope to see him soon. We have had a lot of visitors come during our time here, from as far away as Haiti and Jamaica in addition to many from the States. Jerry & Liz Harmon, Puerto Rico F In December our main focus was our evangelistic Christmas Service. Our teens and singles had an excellent drama prepared that really touched hearts. The story was written by one of our young preacher boys about a lost and lonely man who receives a tract unknowingly, and later he gets transported right into the Christmas story. There he learns that he could never deserve God's Gift, but may receive it—and a changed life—through simple faith and humility. At the end he returns to his family and they receive the Gospel as well after seeing the change in him. It was a powerful message and was a very impactful part of the service. That morning we saw three adults receive Christ as their Savior! What a blessing! During the month of December, ten people came to know Christ through the services and soul winning visits. What an exciting time! Steve & Julia Brockell, Dominican Republic