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Church Planting in the Islands By Pat Creed June and I were privileged to assist a group from Faith Baptist Church, located north of Philadelphia, on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic. There were sixteen people in our group. The first night we were able to attend New Life Baptist Church with Brother Jonathan Autrey who is taking care of the ministry for his father, Ronnie Autrey, while he is in the States on furlough. The next day we traveled to the town of La Vega which is about an hour and a half north of the capital to be with Steve and Julia Brockell. We spent time passing out literature for their Anniversary Service and then attended the evening service. For the next few days we were able to spend some time with three national pastors: Pastor Alexis Remigio, Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Vietnam, Santo Domingo; Pastor José Manuel Martinez, Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Los Frailes, Santo Domingo; and Pastor Wellington Castillo, Resurrection Baptist Church of KM 8, Santo Domingo. This was a tremendous blessing as we were able to hear these men give their personal testimonies and share how God called them into the ministry where they are now serving. On Sunday the group attended church with missionaries Josh and Joy Wesson at Lighthouse Baptist Church of Villa Mella, Santo Domingo, while June and I traveled back to La Vega to be with the Brockells for their Anniversary Service. In spite of a rainstorm, God gave us a wonderful crowd and many personal decisions were made. We then traveled back to the capital with the group and attended services with missionaries Steve and Nohemy Sidler in Quita Sueño on Sunday evening. God blessed in a tremendous way and gave us a wonderful trip. About two to three times a year I am taking pastors to the Dominican Republic for the purpose of teaching modular classes in the institutes that missionaries have started to train men who have been called to preach and are planning to start churches in the country. This year there will be trips in March and May with pastors teaching much needed subjects that will be a help to these national men. There is a great need for materials that can be used in these teaching sessions and also materials that we can take for these men to use in their personal study and ministry. If you would be interested in making a contribution toward the purchase of these materials, please send your gift to BIMI Account # 873. Islander – No 1, 2013 15