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We have big plans. I can only teach a two-hour class once a week because of my work as an ophthalmologist. We would like to bring in another teacher who could teach biblical languages and other classes. This would allow us to offer more classes. Eventually, we would like to have a full-fledged theological seminary where we could also train pastors from other countries in Latin America. Finally, we would like to be able to train North American missionaries who wish to minister in Latin America. We have come across too many missionaries who are unfamiliar with the local language and culture, and who are also poorly trained even in Bible. It seems that as Baptists we still think that the world lives in small villages composed of huts. Some people still live like that, but much of the world is now composed of high school and college graduates. For example, Aguadilla is a rural town on a tropical Caribbean island but we have an international airport, three universities and a Hewlett Packard plant which builds one of the fastest computers in the world. On the other side of the island, Aranesp, a form of the cancer drug Epogen, one of the most complex medications in existence, is manufactured. Educated middle class people need the Gospel as much as tribal people but they are harder to reach. However, Aguadilla would be a great place for missionary candidates to come study Spanish and then take classes in Spanish for a Master's Degree in Bible. That way he could be as effective as possible when he goes to reach others for Christ in the more needy countries of Latin America. Please pray for us as we try to accomplish these big goals for our great Lord. Islander – No 1, 2013 9