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England by Joshua and Melissa Booth Our sending pastor often tells us to look for encouragements in the ministry. He calls them Bonus Pay Days. At times we may have to look long and hard for these. Rallying the people for God's service is hard work, but when some show initiative in serving—that is a victory. Those believers are giving more of themselves to God. We rejoice in these bonus pay days! We came to Congleton Baptist Church as pastor and pastor's wife two years ago. Since then the church has recovered from difficult times. Our deacon has begun a music accompanist rotation with volunteers ranging from ages 17 to 90. The song leader has gained confidence to lead in every service, and a new believer has volunteered to serve in the kitchen during Holiday Bible Club. Three precious souls have come to Christ for salvation! We have seen three believers follow the Lord in baptism. Two of these were boys in Melissa's Sunday school class who responded after a lesson on baptism. These are bonus pay days! In July our church voted to move to a bigger building that will provide the space to grow and give us more opportunities to reach our community for Christ. We rejoice in this step of faith for our little congregation. Joshua has been 16 Melissa and Joshua asked to teach in two British Bible colleges, and recently two churches have asked us to train their workers in puppetry. Open doors for ministry are definitely bonus pay days! Little did we know when our church began the “by Design” puppet team in 2012 the ministry opportunities the Lord would give us. Joshua, Melissa and Tracey (pictured with Melissa on page 17) prepared puppet shows to take the Gospel into two state schools and one Church of England school. The first time we offered a puppet show on Noah's Ark with music and a review quiz with a game for school assemblies. When one of the primary schools invited us back, we told the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den using puppets, music, PowerPoint visuals and review quiz. The children and teachers alike were delighted to see proper puppets. Most British children have only seen wooden puppets called Punch and Judy. In August 2012 we had the privilege of training teens at Anchor Baptist Church in Waterford, Ireland. Don and Lisa Thatcher have a heart to see their church teens take part in the ministry. We LOVE to work with young people! Puppetry is such a great way for them to get involved in meaningful ministry. The training session began with a challenge from God's Word and then the teaching of