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Rwanda Nestled in the geographical heart of the continent of Africa lies the lush, fertile country of Rwanda. This small but hilly nation has a diverse landscape: within a few hours, one can reach volcanoes, rainforests, savannah and lakes. However, it is the hills that many people notice, as no two steps seem to be on the same plane—one is either climbing or descending. It is no wonder the country is known as the land of a thousand hills. Yet this land is known for something else—its teeming population. Although only the size of the state of Maryland, census records put Rwanda as the most densely populated country in Africa with current population statistics at nearly 900 people per square mile. For the mission-minded believer this poses a great opportunity, for it is a land of over ten million souls! Despite the genocide that took place nearly twenty years ago, today, Rwanda is one of the safest nations in Africa and can boast one of the lowest crime rates on the continent. The population is extremely friendly as the multi-lingual nationals try to engage visitors in French, English, Swahili or their national language of Kinyarwanda. Because English is becoming the new language of choice, English teachers are constantly in demand. Many schools and universities are changing their courses from French to English. 22 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2013