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adopt new policies and laws. On the brink of collapse in the 1990s, Rwanda's economy is thriving today. In 2017 the Rwandans will elect a new president and many hope the new president will keep Rwanda moving in a peaceful and prosperous direction. The excellent infrastructure, good banking system and low cost of starting a business make Rwanda desirable to investors. Rwanda is a landlocked country about the size of the state of Maryland. The geographic position and size of Rwanda, coupled with this friendly economic environment, makes Rwanda a focal point of central Africa. Perhaps in the near future people from all over Africa will use Rwanda as a meeting place. It would be difficult for one to say Rwanda was not well on its way to peace and prosperity. Truly, much money and strategic planning has been put into Rwanda's future. As Christians, we understand that productivity, good laws and a platform for future growth do not bring true peace and real prosperity. The Rwandans, like any other people group, need to know the hope of the Gospel of Christ as their future plan of peace and prosperity. Christ is the way through! W (Michael and Christine Campbell are our first BIMI missionaries in Rwanda, having recently arrived in the country with their children. Please pray for the Campbells as they learn the Kinyarwanda language and begin a church planting ministry.) 24