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Staying Current With Leadership Changes Bob Larson - USA Director Bob was saved in 1978, and two years later he was called to full-time Christian service. For the next twenty-three years he would serve as a youth pastor, assistant pastor, pastor and church planter. His service for the Lord would take him to the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arkansas. When planting a church in northwest Arkansas, he lost his wife Judy to cancer. In 2001 Bob married the former Jennifer Deans. Jennifer was a BIMI missionary with her husband Troy and they served together on the island of Taiwan for thirteen years. After Troy's death in June 1994, Jennifer went back to school and received her B.S. degree in nursing and became the mission nurse at BIMI for five years, where she oversaw the medical records and monitored the health concerns of BIMI missionaries. Bob joined and Jennifer rejoined BIMI in 2003 to launch a ministry to assist New Testament Baptist churches in the planting of new churches. In 2006 as they moved forward in a church planting ministry, Bob was asked to become the Assistant USA Director with BIMI. He enjoyed serving in that capacity for the next six years. During that time he and Jennifer traveled extensively across the United States in assisting church planting projects and church restarts, assisting USA church planters, presenting the Reseeding America Ministry (USA Missions for BIMI) and challenging hundreds of new and established churches in the areas of missions and church planting. They continue today in that ministry but have now added the responsibility of heading up the Reseeding America Ministry for BIMI. Bob was named USA Director June 1, 2013. Dan DeLong - Director of Deputation and Candidate School Dan and Sandy DeLong joined BIMI as church planting missionaries to the Australasia country of Papua New Guinea in December 1995. In 1996 the DeLongs arrived in Port Moresby, the capital city of PNG, where they served the Lord rebuilding a struggling ministry. They were involved in planting three Bible-believing, independent Baptist churches, establishing a local Bible institute to train national pastors and administering two Christian schools. The blessing of the three new works established in and around the Port Moresby area is that the works are thriving today with national pastors pastoring and leading those ministries. In 2001 the Lord led Dan and Sandy to the Caribbean island country of Trinidad and Tobago where they served for one year. The Lord enabled them to plant one new work during that time. The church is flourishing today, pastored by a national pastor. In 2005 the DeLongs felt the Lord calling them to the far north Queensland city of Cairns, Australia. God blessed as they planted Coastline Baptist Church, starting with seven people. Over the next six years the church grew to an average attendance of between 90- 100 each week. Brother Dan placed a strong emphasis on discipleship and leadership and new Christians grew and became strong, committed and faithful. The Lord wonderfully provided an Australian pastor for Coastline Baptist Church, and the church is prospering today under his leadership. With the city of Cairns, Australia, being only a one-hour flight from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Brother Dan was able to travel to Port Moresby several times a year while ministering in Cairns to further his ministry of teaching and training nationals there. In December 2012 Dan was appointed Director of Deputation and Candidate School for BIMI. The DeLongs are passionate for world missions and desire to see the Lord stir hearts calling many willing servants into His harvest fields. Number 3, 2013 BIMI WORLD 25