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A NEW CALENDAR A new year brings with it a new calendar. January always brings new excitement as we leave the past year behind. It is time to evaluate the past and to exercise some new plans for the future. Our 2013 year was memorable with many victories. Last year, more than 6,000 professions of faith were reported in the Caribbean. It was a record year for tract distribution and portions of God's Word with over 685,000 handed out. Yearly we are seeing that for nearly every 100 tracts given out, one person makes a profession of faith. Everywhere we traveled this year, we have met new believers. We have heard amazing testimonies, and we have seen what the Lord is doing in every region of the Caribbean. Recently, Wes and Faith-Ann Bartley were able to start a new church in St. Lucia. Coco Chan has been invited into three more public schools to teach God's Word in Trinidad. Jerry and Linda Baker have returned to Antigua to continue their work at Caribbean Radio Lighthouse. Beginning the new year with our missionaries is always a wonderful time. Dr. David Snyder, General Director of BIMI, and Pastor Dennis Daniels and his wife, Lisa, came and challenged our missionaries at our Dominican Field Conference. The MKs always make our field conferences special. We had some wonderful times of fellowship with them. Having known them since they were little brings back memories of past years as they are always a highlight of our time together. Before leaving the Dominican Republic, we were able to visit most of our missionaries there on the field. We also had time to visit a number of the national works that are in the capitol. We toured the new property that the Lord has given to Iglesia Bautista de La Verdad in San Francisco, and we viewed the ongoing progress at the church in La Vega. The Lord is certainly shining through many wonderful things within our region of the world. 2 Islander – No 1, 2013