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I Can Do All Things I can do all things through Christ which stengtheneth me (Philippians 4:13) is the verse I have claimed again and again. For instance, the day we arrived in Barbados to fill in for Robert and Rhoda Smith, we were introduced to the leadership team. Even with all their packing to leave the next day, the Smiths had a special meal with all the leaders and us to share testimonies and God's calling to serve. By faith—they left their church in our hands, and we said “can do.” They had set up a careful plan and schedule to assist us while we adjusted to the hottest temperatures of the year in a new place. At that dinner in their home, God knitted us all together in faith. Certainly, planning this event during their own stressful packing and move took great faith to say “can do.” Sometimes “all these things” have to be carried out, but it takes one step at a time as we focus on each task. When Coco Chan came home from teaching her public school Bible classes all day, she walked into a very hot kitchen to make her delicious Shepherd's Pie. She turned on the gas stove and oven to prepare her huge company meal. I worked with her as long as I could until the heat became unbearable. (I thought I would have a heat stroke). Coco just kept on preparing dish after dish and then served Gary and me plus four national leaders and pastors. Her persistent efforts brought about not only a wonderful refreshing meal but also built a unifying bond of the national pastors. They were able to plan how to defeat Satan's work to destroy their churches. This demonstrated Philippians 4:13 in action. Finally, HOW can I do all things? We need the power from God ...through Christ which strengtheneth me. When Philip, our oldest son, was four years old, he had severely garbled speech that even I, his mother, couldn't understand. While I kept my younger two children at home, Philip went to missionary Gene and Doris Stockton's home each day for kindergarten with a little Puerto Rican girl that Doris kept. Doris had linguistic training. She held Philip's face and made sure he watched and focused on her placement of the tongue. He had “missionary” speech therapy while Gary worked with Gene building a church in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Through Christ we were trusting God to plant a church. He worked a miracle in Philip's ability to communicate at the same time! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. This January we Gene & Doris Stockton saw this literally illustrated for us as we sat in a new church plant in Vietnam de la Mina, Dominican Republic. In front of us were three little brothers about eight, five and two years old. What a challenge those two older ones had caring for their little brother! Every time he decided to run away, they went after him, picked him up and brought him back. Isn't that what we need to do to develop new converts? Forgive 70 x 7, love, and bring them in again. Yes, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Philippians 4:13). 4 Islander – No 1, 2013