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...much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many (Romans 5:15). It is by the grace of God we are called to participate in the heavenly enterprise on earth. It is our privilege and joy to be involved in the work of winning souls, planting churches and training national pastors. Those three objectives have guided our 38 years of ministry in Haiti. Now, for the past 10 years, our oldest son and his family have served alongside us in this work. Benji's priority is the administration and teaching in Grace Baptist Bible School. A few years ago, a supporting pastor asked us what our future plans and goals were for our ministry. I responded, “I think I have planted my last church directly........we will be facillitating nationals in starting new works.” If the ministry of a missionary is to continue after he is gone, there must be people trained to carry on “the work of the ministy. ” Thoughtlessly, someone (name withheld) wrote that he would not support a missionary that doesn't plant churches. Yet, a missionary alone will not be able to plant all the churches needed. For each of the past three years, we have helped national preachers in starting churches in an area for which they had a burden for souls. These men were members of the last church we planted and graduates of our Bible school. Grace Baptist Church in Grand la Cour, Grace Baptist Church in Moreau and the new work on the island of La Tortue have not been started by us directly. However, we sat with the nationals in planning and knelt in praying for thelost in these areas. We sent teams from the church I pastor to assist during canvassing, one-on-one witnessing, Children's Bible Club, open air meetings, and week-long evangelistic services; this is why support dollars bought a generator for lights and the running of the public address system. The spotlight is on the missionary and what he does. But the missionary will not always be there...should the light be turned off? No, no! Thank God for national servants of the Lord who are trained and will continue to keep on keeping on and sharing the grace of God in areas the missionary can no longer go. Don/Bridgitt & Benji/Kerri Dryden in Haiti Islander – No 1, 2013 5