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by Alec Brockell—Missionary Kid A Stoic once said something along the lines of, “An experimentalist is he who keeps theorists in check.” Although, like Paul, I am no fan of the Stoics, this quote seems to have missionaries, especially missionary kids, in mind. As a missionary son in the Dominican Republic, I feel as if God has given me a unique opportunity to be a sort of Christian experimentalist at a very young age. As Christian teens, we are taught a lot of Christian theory, or in other words, a lot of simple truths that are at times hard to apply to real life. The following is a list of four simple truths that have come into a new light for me as I have been able to experiment with them in the uncensored world. 1. The world is big. As this is being written, the United States Census Bureau estimates the world's population to have reached 7.139 billion people. That is 7.139 billion different conglomerates of thoughts, ideas, emotions and opinions. That is 7.139 billion souls that need Jesus. That is 7.139 billion with a “B.” Although we theorize about this number all day, we still live consumed with our little Christian communities full of shirts, ties, and Sunday dresses. Isn't our directive to get out into this great, big world and make a difference for Christ? 2. Christians need to be tough. It is a hard pill to swallow, but most of us modern Christian teens are wimps. I have met very few of us with the resistance and flexibility of Livingstone or Borden. I have seen too many mental breakdowns over trivial matters. If we are to reach the world, we must be adaptable and content in all situations, or we will snap like twigs under pressures that shouldn't even ruffle our feathers. We must sometimes adapt to cold showers, no electricity, frogs in our bedrooms, and dog bites, or we will perish in our fight against the struggles of life. Let us strive to not throw a hissy fit the next time our waitress gets our order wrong. 6 Islander – No 1, 2013