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3. God loves the whole world. What does a stubborn, Baptist American; an alcoholic;Atheist Korean; a backslidden; Pentecostal Dominican; and a foul-mouthed, Presbyterian Cuban have in common? God loves us all. After 2,000 years of Christianity, it seems to me that we “good people” believe we were a peculiar people from the outset of the world, and that all the “bad people” must clean themselves up before they deserve any of God's love! We forget that we were the “bad people,” and that just 2,000 years ago, we had no access to our Creator. Our theory makes us memorize John 3:16, but in practice we forget that Jesus actually ate with publicans and sinners. 4. Our whole life is a reasonable service. We have this weird compartmentalization thing we do where we think that we can live the Christian life by going to church and reading our Bible. We almost see the Christian life as a to-do list. God wants much more than that. Jesus called for total abandon in all parts of our lives, and Paul writes in Romans that this is our reasonable service. It is time to step out of our boats, step onto the waves, and put our whole lives in God's hands again. This truth is by far the hardest to put into practice, but I guarantee that if we can get it right, our lives will forever be changed for the better.