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By Kevin and Taushua Field in Trinidad As children growing up, one of our favorite stories was the Wizard of Oz. There was one scene in the film that can be applied to us. When Dorothy and Toto went through the twister and their house landed in Oz, all of the munchkins stared at Dorothy because she was so different from them. Since we have been here in Trinidad, we can relate to Dorothy's situation. We are so adapted to being accepted in America, but to the people here in Trinidad, we are different to them. We have the white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and they are adapted to seeing darker skin, hair and eyes (like a majority of the world). We often wonder why everyone is staring at us. We have come to realize that we are very different from them, and we are the foreigners, even though we are accustomed to being part of the majority. Since we have been here for the past six months, God has showed us something very important that all Christians need to realize. We all may look different to one another, but in God's eyes we are all created after the same fashion. God loves each and every one of us equally. As Americans, when we see foreigners in our country (Arabs, Indians, Hispanics, etc.), we tend to look at them as lesser people and place ourselves above them. We need to realize that they are people too. To Americans, immigrants are out of place; though seemingly odd, in their homeland they are not different at all. The Bible was written to all mankind; when God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross, it was for the sins of ALL mankind. This brings to mind a famous children's song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” which states “red and yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight.” We need to love every individual as Christ loves us and show kindness towards people no matter how different they may seem. It may be the difference between them accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior or rejecting the Gospel because of the way a “Christian” has treated them. 8 Islander – No 1, 2013