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Assisting National Church Planting Dr. Pat Creed, Sr. June and I had a very different Christmas and New Year's holiday time this year because of an ear surgery I had in December. This caused me to miss the midyear meeting at the World Missions Center to approve new missionaries and also the Caribbean Field Conference in the Dominican Republic (DR) the first week of January. But everything went well, and we are back on schedule. The last week of January we took a trip to the DR along with Pastor Dennis Leatherman and his wife, Kathy, from Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church in Oakland, Maryland. Pastor Leatherman taught a module on Methods of Bible Study, and it was a tremendous time with the folks at Steve Sidler's in Quita Sueño. He is in the process of trying to purchase three motorbikes for men who have started churches and others planning to start in the near future because they have no transportation at all. They presently have enough for two of the motorbikes and hopefully will raise the money for the third one so we may purchase those when we go back the first week of April. The men are very appreciative and are using the ten laptops we were able to get them and the materials we were able to place in their hands for their Bible study and sermon preparation time. On the April trip to the DR, Dr. John Bailes and his wife Sandy will be going with us, and Dr. Bailes will be teaching a module on Church Planting. I know this will be an incredible blessing and help to these fellows who are in the Bible institute and others who will be attending as they become involved in starting new churches. We are already planning four trips to the DR for 2015. Two of those will be taking pastors to teach in the Bible institutes, and the other trips will be for the purpose of taking groups from two different churches to visit the missionaries and see the need in the country. Islander – No 1, 2013 9