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husband with whom I have served the Lord for over fifty years. As I count my bless- ings, I will always be thank- ful for a pastor who planted a Baptist church in an ob- scure community in a small South Carolina town. The church never became large, Mary Ray and he never received much of a salary, but when I sit on the church pew with my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, I think of that little Baptist church. I consider how from that place the light of Christ has shone into four genera- tions (so far)— very good dividends for its investment. Sometimes, I lean forward in the pew, look at my great grandsons, smile and wink at them. As my memories take me back through the years, it seems that I can still hear the wheels on the bus going round and round. CHRISTIAN HERITAGE RESOURCES This unique collection (with on-site research by James Ray) is ideal for Sunday School Classes, Christian Schools, Home Schools, Mission Conferences and Bible Studies. Don't allow this great heritage to be lost. 3 Audio CDs continued from page 7 America's Road to God and Religious Freedom BOOKS Darling Come Home — $3.00 Incredible Journey in the Steps of Greatness — $14.95 (available in 3 audio CD set) — $19.95 Journey to Eternity — $9.95 T he road to God and reli- gious freedom in America was not an accident. Great men stood up when it was not politically correct and opposed those who disdained freedom of faith. Freedom must be defended in every generation or it will vanish into tyranny. We, today, must remember the hundreds of Baptists who were jailed in Colonial America because they would not bow to the religious and political bigots in government. We must remember Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry who stood by their sides. We must be vigilant because every generation brings a new crop of would-be tyrants who seek to again put freedom of religion—into a box—under their control. 10 • NATIONS (sets forth the credibility of Christianity and answers questions about death, heaven and the hereafter) Embracing the World – $19.95 (the history of BIMI and missions stories) Incredible Stories Along the Journey — $19.95 (Please add $2.50 for shipping. Add $3.50 for 2 or more items.) For credit card orders go to (click on RESOURCES / DVDs). If paying by check, use the attached envelope in this magazine. NATIONS • 11