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by Dr. by Dr. Bob Bob Larson Larson 1755 1755 Remedy for for Remedy Dying Dying Churches Churches Remember… and and the the first works. Remember… do do first works. Revelation 2:5 2:5 Revelation T T he good he good pastor shared shared that pastor then then that he had he been in been the in ministry for for had the ministry some some before before understood time time he he understood his church church would never over be 200. At 200. At his would never be over that point point said he some- some- that he said en years years ago a on sunny sunny spring morn- en ago on a spring morn- thing thing have I have never for- I never for- gotten, gotten, “Brother Larson, “Brother Larson, ing, ing, was was my privilege have have a it it my privilege to to a though though run we around around we run phone conversation with with Dr. James phone conversation Dr. James 200 in 200 our in attendance or or our attendance even even we have have ad- less, less, we ad- R. Beller. At that that time Pastor Beller R. Beller. At time Pastor Beller opted opted simple simple method a a method was was pastoring Arnold Baptist Tabernacle pastoring Arnold Baptist Tabernacle for planting churches for planting churches in Arnold, Missouri. He He had been there for in Arnold, Missouri. had been there for from Baptist Baptist history and from history and by planting churches by planting churches over over years. years. The church had grown from 18 18 The church had grown from this way we way will we reach reach this will a storefront building to their their present prop- Rev. Bob Rev. Larson, Bob Larson, USA BIMI Director USA Director thousands!” His church church a storefront building to present prop- BIMI thousands!” His went went to on plant to plant several on several erty erty Telegraph Road. Road. on on Telegraph over the over years. years. the As we we visited via the phone, Dr. Beller told me churches churches another another opportunity sev- sev- As visited via the phone, Dr. Beller told me I had I had opportunity that that when was was high high school, his mother was eral years years later speak to speak a in Bible a Bible when he he in in school, his mother was eral later to in conference in Florida Florida Dr. and Beller Beller conference in and given given some Gospel tracts and read read them and was was also was there there the as main main Dr. speak- some Gospel tracts and he he them and was also as the speak- saved. He surrendered to preach the the Gospel and en- er for er the for week. week. This would our be our saved. He surrendered to preach Gospel and en- the This would be to God would take tered tered Bible college. After After graduating, thought he he last time last time meet; to meet; God would take Bible college. graduating, he he thought him home home March March 2014. the At the him in in 2014. At might might pastor church of a of thousand people or more. more. Florida Florida meeting gave he gave an me au- an au- pastor a a church a thousand people or meeting he me tographed book book had he just finished finished tographed he had just He then then shared with me that after or six seven seven years He shared with me that after six or years It in the in the ministry realized he would never never have writing. writing. It Red—The was called called America America of in of in ministry he he realized he would have a Crimson Crimson was Red—The Baptist History a Baptist History church over over 500. church 500. America. America. A Baptist Church Planting Pattern from from 1755 1755 A Baptist Church Planting Pattern T T NATIONS NATIONS • 11 • 11