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Recent Events with Great Mission Churches DYER BAPTIST CHURCH Dyer, Indiana (Pastor David Atkinson) PARKVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH McCalla, Alabama (Pastor Tom Dailey) BIBLE BAPTIST TEMPLE Warner Robins, Georgia (Pastor Donnie Melton) E D I TO R I A L JAMES RAY, Editor Experiencing God! That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection! —Philippians 3:10 T here were Baptists in America long be- fore the Great Awakening, but that movement greatly accelerated mission- ary ferver that eventually gave birth to the Bible Belt. We tend to give credit to movements and monuments but God often moves around all of this and looks for a man. In the New Testament the Jews were frozen EXPERIENCE GOD.” Thousands were con- to their temple, but in Jerusalem God touched verted. He brought that message to America men and women who went everywhere with in 1738 and spread it throughout the colonies HAZELGREEN BAPTIST CHURCH the blazing message of the resurrected Christ. as he led the Great Awakening. Alsip, Illinois housands were touched—including The New Testament churches were “fire sta- (Pastor John Reed) two men, Shubal Stearns and Daniel tions” for the message of Christ. Marshall, who would explode the Baptist In England George Whitefield, a young EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH Newnan, Georgia Movement into a mighty force student at Oxford University, was striv- (Pastor Terry Arp) for God. ing desperately to find his A number of the cold and way through the religious GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH stagnant churches of New West Columbia, South Carolina maze of that country. The (Pastor Bill Egerdahl) England rejected the revival, churches were locked in and like a loveless, lifeless formalism and led by lifeless BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH marriage, eventually de- professional clergy. A fellow New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania (Pastor Jim God) clined. Like the men and student gave him a book that women of the New Testa- changed his life. TABERNACLE BAPTIST ment, Whitefield, Stearns, The book was entitled,The CHURCH Marshall, and others had Life of God in the Soul of Man. Kingsport, Tennessee (Pastor Cecil Sturgil) “experienced” God and set The author was a young man out to make Him known. by the name of Henry Scougal. EDGEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH The early believers of Scougal was born in 1650 and Trenton, Georgia Colonial America were lived only 27 years when he died (Pastor Jim Lilley) missionaries in every sense of the of tuberculosis. He had written a RINCON BAPTIST TEMPLE word. They met every qualification required long letter to a friend explaining true salva- Rincon, Georgia to be called by that title. The near 40 million tion. Just before his death in 1677, Scougal (Pastor Joe Springer) Baptists in the United allowed the private com- LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH munication to his friend The Great Awakening was not States today have their Bucyrus, Ohio a movement of raw emotion roots in the seed planted to be published. (Pastor Bill Wert) When people would and fleshly display but a real in New England and If you would like to schedule not come to where the moving of God in hearts pinned Colonial America. Per- James Ray for your church, you haps we who are settled Gospel was, Whitefield to the Word of God. may contact him at: or by and comfortable should took the Gospel to them. phone at 423-802-5198 (cell) or take a fresh look at the way these forerunners It is an amazing story. His driving message BIMI 423-344-5050, Ext. 2103. — experienced God . was: “YOU CAN KNOW GOD—You can T NATIONS • 3