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The Wheels on the Bus! by Mary Ray The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round is a popular children's book that most children, and especially our great grandsons, enjoy. It seems that The Wheels on the Bus has become an entire business industry. There are numerous books, DVDs, musical CDs, Iphone and Ipad apps that can be purchased. While I appreciate the entertain- ment that the book has brought to my great grandsons, I have some memo- ries of my own about the wheels on the bus. I was nineteen years old and was on a bus that was taking me further from home than I had ever been, to a place I had never seen. I was trying to be brave, but as the wheels on the bus went round and round, I had to admit to myself that I was very frightened. In fact, I was terrified. Two years prior, my brother's friend, who had recently become a Christian, had invited our family to his church. We accepted the invitation and after hearing the Gospel for three weeks, I received Christ as my Savior. The following year, after hearing a missionary speak, I dedicated my life to the Lord for His service. That began my exciting Journey of Faith. I knew that I should prepare myself by going to Bible college, but coming from a broken home, I also un- derstood that my mother would not be able to help me financially. Her job in the cotton mill provided food, shelter, and clothing for me and my siblings, but little else. “Lord, how can I do this?” was my daily question. Within a few months, through God's grace and provision, I had been admitted to a wonderful Bible college and had been given a work scholarship that would pay for my tuition and room and board. So, there I was on the bus with all of my earthly belongings; a few clothes in a suitcase and a few dol- lars in my purse, and then as the wheels on the bus went round and round, Satan said, “How will you buy your textbooks? I answered, My God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Satan said, “What will you do when your shoes wear out?” I answered, “Philippians 4:19.” Satan asked, “What will you do if you get sick and cannot work? “ I answered, “Philippians 4:19.” God, of course, kept His prom- ises. He provided my needs and blessed me with a wonderful col- lege experience. In college I met my NATIONS • 9