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South America I Want To See A Miracle In My Life Love is a divine miracle that we are commanded to perform every day. By Clint Vernoy Speaking in tongues during the early years of the church was a legitimate divine gift of the Spirit. It truly was a miracle. Granted, it is obvious that those in the Corinthian church had twisted its use and glorified themselves rather than God. It is for that reason that Paul spends so much time correcting the church of Corinth. He knew the gift would soon cease because its purpose had been accomplished. The apostle still thought it was important for the gift to be used correctly while it was legitimate. The point I want to concentrate on is the fact that it was an awesome miracle to be able to stand up and speak in a language you had never studied. Any cross-cultural missionary would love to have that gift. I know I personally would have loved that ability in three of the cultures in which I have lived. I am jealous of Paul who says that he spoke in tongues more than any of the church at Corinth. That is an awesome miracle and it would be great to have if it were a legitimate gift for today! Jesus Christ once told His disciples that with a faith the size of a grain of mustard seed they would have enough power to move a mountain. We can have that faith. That is a miracle of power that would demonstrate to the world that our God is real and active in our personal lives today. I want one of those miracles. I see many churches, large and small, that promise great miracles in massive crusades all across South America. They promise healing of the sick and the freeing of those enslaved to sin through some new experience—all for 14 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2014 a seed gift of monetary worth to the ministry. I wonder how many miracles are actually delivered. Our church (in Paraguay) is studying through the Epistles to the Corinthians and we have now arrived at Chapter 13. Many call this the love chapter. I have read through it many times during my life for personal reasons as well as a part of sermon preparation. I was doing so again a few days ago, and as the Scriptures promise in Psalm 119:162, I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil, I found something I had not seen before. Paul's idea for writing Chapter 13 was to show the brethren in Corinth that all of their anxiety and hype over …even more one specific spiritual gift was unnecessary. important than He tells us we should seeking our gift look for our gift, and using our seek it diligently and gift was taking continually proclaim advantage of the Gospel while doing so. But even something we more important than had already seeking our gift and received—love … using our gift was taking advantage of something we had already received. I am talking about love. All those who know Christ have received love. Our lives were changed the day we became acquainted with the love of God. How could it not change us? To know that the God of the universe cared so much for us that He gave His Son is truly mind boggling. He is love, and through His love He gave us a new life. He gave us that love and tells us to show it and give it to others. His love changed me. That is a miracle! Now, I said earlier that I would love such a