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A New Opportunity by Dr. James Kennard been far away from home. Satan will see to it that they will have opportunities to sin, but our missionaries are there to get them to Jesus and give them an opportunity for Christian love and fellowship with other believers. Fourth, our vision is to get PEOPLE involved. These are our missionaries who are willing to give their lives to take the Gospel to our military. It has been my privilege to be a military missionary now for almost 30 years and to rub elbows with these fellow laborers and I can say that they are some of the greatest servants of the Lord I know anywhere. They are dedicated, diligent, and devoted to ministering to our military and reaching them for Christ. We pray constantly that God will burden the hearts of many more young people to take the Gospel to our military. Fifth, our vision is to see the POTENTIAL involved. God is working through these military ministries around the world. Almost in every candidate screening committee meeting at BIMI (there are two each year), we have someone who has been influenced through the ministry of military missions. The best “fishing hole” for future servants of God that I know will be found in our military churches. Bible colleges and Christian schools would surely benefit by “courting” these military ministries for potential and prospective students. What a great work and an opportunity to serve the Lord! I think of Military Missions as one of the most exciting ministries out there today. When we invest and get involved in this great work, we are going to see it reproduced over and over, again and again. Young men and women will be saved and many will go into Christian service. Let us join together in prayer for those who are laboring to minister to our military around the world. That is my vision for Military Missions. EFFECTIVE PREACHING by Mike Pinson From the beginning of my military ministry until present,Dr. Jeff Alverson has been greatly used of God to encourage me, my family, and countless servicemen and servicewomen in our military churches. For several years, Dr. Alverson was the main speaker for our annual missions conferences at Faith Baptist Church in Dettlebach, Germany, and at Calvary Baptist Church in SHAPE, Belgium. God used him to teach many soldiers the Faith Promise concept, and even my own children developed a real burden for missions under his preaching.  He continues to be a blessing to our present church, the Berean Baptist Church of Ellenwood, Georgia.  I am positive that God will continue to use and bless the military ministry of Dr. Jeff Alverson. My wife, Gail, and I were accepted as missionaries with Baptist International Missions, Inc., in July 1961. We spent seventeen years on the island of Oki- nawa, Japan. While working with the nationals on Oki- nawa, I was burdened for the US military personnel stationed on that island. The Lord opened the door James & Gail Kennard for us in August 1974 to pastor the Maranatha Baptist Church (a military church). Again the Lord gave us a new open door in April 1980—BIMI asked me to serve as Military Director for Baptist International Missions in charge of all military ministries. The Military Ministry of BIMI has continued to grow. Over 50 churches outside of military bases around the world have been established. Our goal has been to start a Baptist church outside every military base in the world that does not already have one. After our tenure as Military Director, more than 80 missionaries serve with the BIMI Military Ministry around the world. They have started churches in 16 countries. In June 2014 Dr. Jeff Alverson became the new Military Director, and I became the Military International Representative. For some time now, Gail and I have wanted to become more involved in the lives of each of our military missionaries. We have prayed and sought God's leading in this direction. This new opportunity will allow us to do more to help our missionaries and will enable us to stay longer on the field with them. We will also be able to relieve some of them so they can come home for a furlough. The military is a unique ministry in that one is constantly dealing with a rotating congregation. Because of my experience through the years with military churches, we have the opportunity to give great assistance to new BIMI missionaries in the following areas: raising support on deputation, establishing military churches on the field, and by assisting and training them on the inner workings of the military. New opportunities bring new challenges. Our expanded minis- try will be an extra cost for us due to plane travel expenses con- stantly on the rise. We are going to need your faithful prayers and support as we continue this ministry. Gail and I are excited to see how the Lord will use us in the future as we move into a new phase of serving him in our military churches here in the United States and around the world.