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They do not really remember much of the message but knew in their hearts they were hearing God's Word. They decided after a few more visits that Maranatha Baptist Church was the place where they belonged! It was a place where they could hear the Bible preached. Greg and Patty decided to go forward and join the church by profession of faith. They had the language down and answered all the questions correctly. They had decided to become Christians. Pastor Kennard told them they would need to be Scripturally baptized. The Boyles agreed and went forward with it. Then they got involved in the youth ministry and the bus ministry. Patty attended the ladies Bible study on Tuesday mornings and they attended Thursday night visitation. Mara- natha Baptist Church had become their life. The Boyles contin- ued to grow in their knowledge of the Bible. Three months after joining the church there was a revival meet- ing at Maranatha and Dr. F.R. Bingham was the preacher. The Boyles had never heard of a revival meeting but if there was going to be church, they were going to be there! Dr. Bingham did something that he said he did not normally do. Every night he asked for five people to stand up and tell where they were when they got saved. The next night five more people stood and said who led them to the Lord. Questions for the other nights were when did you get saved and how old were you when you got saved. Each night as Dr. Bingham asked the questions, the Boyles were both struggling to answer the questions. Greg began to question if he really had been saved. Patty, feeling inse- cure, tried to convince him he was saved. Greg sought counsel from people he looked up to in the church. They all gave him verses that would give him assurance but he still had doubts. By Friday night of the revival, Greg could not sleep. He was fearful that if he died in his sleep, he would go to hell. On Saturday night after seeking advice from friends and his pastor, he went to the revival service feeling like he had settled his salvation. He was sure he had done all he could do to be saved. Dr. Bingham preached a message about the life of Judas Is- cariot from Matthew 27: 3–5, Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that.   And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself. Then Dr. Bingham made this state- ment: “If he had just come to Jesus, he could have been saved.” At that moment Greg realized that he just needed to come to Jesus. On the invitation he stepped out and went forward to the altar where he was met by his pastor, Dr. Jim Kennard, who then prayed with Greg to receive Christ as his Savior. While sitting on the front row of the church and thinking of how he wasted years believing he was saved, he realized if he had died he would have gone to hell. He noticed that a woman sitting on the row next to him was crying, and he looked to see who it was. To his surprise it was Patty who had also realized that she had never thought that she was a sinner and needed to come to Jesus until that night. God in his mercy saved both Greg and his wife that night. The next night they followed the Lord in believers' baptism. November 22, 1975, was the night that changed the Boyles lives forever. They immediately became involved in everything they could—bus routes, Sunday school, visitation, and Bible study. It wasn't long before Greg realized God was calling him to preach. He preached his first message at the GI Fellowship Meal on a Sunday afternoon at Maranatha Baptist Church. He was in the Preacher Boy Club where Brother Kennard mentored those who were going into full-time ministry. It is hard to believe the Boyles were at Maranatha Baptist Church for only a year after they were saved. It was there that they learned the foundation of the Christian life that they have carried with them everywhere they have gone. December 1, 1976, the Boyles returned to the States. Greg was discharged from the Army and they headed to Bible college in August 1976. Upon graduation in May 1981, they packed their belongings and their two girls, ages four years old and five months old, and left for Spokane, Washington, to start the Faith Baptist Church. God led them to Spokane where they could have a church reaching the city of Spokane as well as Fairchild AFB. Military Missions helped change the lives of Greg and Patty Boyle. They look back at their time at Maranatha Baptist Church as the boot camp for the Christian life and ministry. The first family in the new church was the Al Allshouse family (BIMI military missionaries in Japan) who had arrived at Fairchild AFB from Panama the week the church started! This year Faith Baptist Church will celebrate its 33rd Anniversary. To God be the Glory! Keep Witnessing, Keep Praying by Steve Nutt The wife of a young airman stationed at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan had a strong desire to see her husband saved. The wife was a member of Yokota Baptist Church. She had the missionary and her husband's co-workers from the church visit and witness to him. He attended the church regularly with his wife. The airman was an extremely kind and nice man and was very well liked by all. His wife, missionary, and church were all praying for his salvation. It seemed as if he would never trust Christ until the Lord intervened in a marvelous way. One night he received an email informing him that his father had just been saved and his father apologized to him for not bringing him up to know the Lord. His father gave him the Gospel and pleaded with him to trust Christ as his Savior. After reading his father‘s email, his heart was broken and he trusted Christ as his Savior. Do not give up, keep witnessing and keep praying.