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Josh and Joy Wesson (Dominican Republic) We arrived back on July 14 and hit the ground running. Shortly thereafter we had our Vacation Bible School. We had a big group again this year, ending up with over 160 the last day. In addition to this, we had a Youth Conference. Jose Ivan and Yan Carlos, two young men who came down this year from Neighborhood Bible Time Ministries, helped us. We thank the Lord for the 40 children and young people who came to know Christ as their Savior. Russ and Bobbie Turner (Cayman Brac) Bobbie and I are excited about what our Lord is doing. Since our last letter we have been on two wonderful soul winning trips to Panama, passing out Spanish John/Romans. The next morning after arriving home we had a call that a small craft with 41 Cuban refugees aboard was docked at the West End. We went immediately with the Spanish John/Romans, which they received with joy! Robert and Rhoda Smith (Barbados) — Celebrating 10 years of serving the Lord in Barbados For the last six months our adult men have outnumbered our adult ladies in the evening services. So, for the month of July, we had a Gender Showdown contest in the evening services. A count was taken just before the preaching began. The gender that won the most evening services would be served lunch by the losing gender. Ladies and men worked hard at bringing in visitors and inviting those who are normally just Sunday morning attendees. Two visitors trusted Christ as Savior, and our adults were challenged and strengthened. After the final count the ladies did win, but one of the men 10 Islander – November 2014 said, “It will be an honor to serve our ladies.” Jim and Kelly Shelton (Puerto Rico) Time flies when things are busy. We had two mission teams from the States that came down to help us pass out literature, put on a children's carnival, and do a lot of work around the church. We were also able to do our own Vacation Bible School this summer. This year the church undertook this ministry and we had a wonderful turnout with over 50 registered children. We also had the joy of seeing the owner of the cockfighting arena in front of the church come to know the Lord and follow in believer's baptism. He has since closed the arena and put it up for sale. God is working in great ways. Chad and Cynthia Pape (Dominican Republic) Finally we got our visas on July 25, and our flight left on August 5. We cannot be more excited. I have to admit, we got a little impatient during the last three months of delay. But, looking back at all of the details that God worked out, we know the Lord had everything in hand. We were able to be a part of our church's Spanish ministry and summer campaign, which was phenomenal! Several souls were saved. Erik and Holly Johnson (Dominican Republic) On August 3 we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Truth Baptist Church. We had a full house with many first time visitors and others who had not been to church in a long time. Pastor Jose Mallen, a Dominican pastor, preached a challenging, evangelistic message, and we had the privilege of seeing a number of people place their trust in Christ.