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BURY MY HEART IN JAMAICA By Gary Sprunger For over forty years, Richey and Fran Young have been working in the island of Jamaica. Several years ago, Richey told me, “Brother Sprunger, when I go home to heaven, I want to leave this earth from Jamaica and I want to leave my heart here. This is my home.” A few short weeks ago, Richey finally was cleared by his doctors so he could go home to Jamaica. One morning he called me and told me, “Brother Sprunger, I have never felt so good. It is good to be home in Jamaica.” Kidding him, I asked if he had his “calaloo and bread fruit” for breakfast. He was home. Immediately he was back trying to do what he loved best, that was preaching. But little did he know that his body would soon be subject to a battle with pneumonia. Richey's final days on this earth were spent at the regional hospital in Maypen. His glorious homecoming came on August 2, 2014. Yes, the Lord was good and answered his prayer that he could leave Jamaica for his heavenly home. Richey's second request was honored a week later as his heart was buried at Bethel Baptist Church. No doubt Richey Young left a message to every future missionary that they need to bury their hearts in their called place of service. Because of his dedication to the Lord, many will meet him in Glory. 2 Islander – November 2014