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A TRIBUTE TO MISSIONARY RICHEY YOUNG (An excerpt from the eulogy presented by Pastor Godfrey Watson, President of Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Jamaica) How does one summarize the life of a great and Godly man who impacted the lives of so many in a positive way while he played his part in expanding God's Kingdom in the island of Jamaica? I will condense his life and ministry into four phases. 1. Richey the Volunteer Some 40 years ago, Dr. Young, like Isaiah, answered God's call to missions and headed to Jamaica. This is where it all began with an act of obedience on the part of one of God's servants. He willingly left his comfort zone so he could remain in the center of God's will for his life.  I do not think that at the outset he realized that he would have fallen so deeply in love with the island and people. He probably became more Jamaican than he was American. In time his passion for souls transformed Richey the Volunteer into... 2. Richey the Visionary Dr. Young never lost sight of his reason for being in Jamaica. The mandate was to fulfill the Great Commission. He did this through a variety of activities such as church planting, discipling and mentoring youths and especially young men, many of whom are now in full-time ministry, counseling, camp ministry, and so much more.  Achievements related to his ministry include the establishment of four churches, one summer camp and a Bible college. Many souls were also reached for Christ as a direct result of his work and witness. I can say without reservation that Dr. Young in the execution of his God-given mandate engaged in some activities and in some sacrifices that many of the native pastors would not have done. The Association is indebted to this dear brother for his contribution to its growth and development. It is said that days before his death he communicated to some individuals that he was going to plant another church in Jamaica. He even identified who the national pastor would be. A real Visionary he was. But then came... 3. Richey the Victim In the last decade or so, Dr. Young's health began to fail. Countless consultations, varied diagnoses, numerous hospitalizations, and for us what Islander – November 2014 3