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CAN YOU BELIEVE… WE ARE HERE! By Cynthia Pape The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity as we have been trying to get acclimated and settled into our new life here in the Dominican Republic. It is almost surreal to finally be here after three years of preparation to come to the field. Though the good-byes were extremely difficult, we boarded the plane with great anticipation of what the future would hold.   We spent the first few weeks just trying to get into our house, getting the two pianos out of customs, and setting up all the things needed for us to be able to live here. It is amazing how much there is to do when you move to another country! There have been many things to adjust to: the heat, long power-outages, cold showers, crazy driving, slow-pace of business, bugs (BIG ONES), different health care, and rats just to name a few! Our greatest concern and prayer was for our children to adjust well.  They are older and we knew this was going to be a very overwhelming change in their lives. We begged God to give them a desire to be here, to help them find friends here, to find their place in the ministries, and to not get too discouraged as they work to learn Spanish. God has been so good and faithful to answer our prayers. The Lord quickly provided each of our children good friends and neighbors. The Lord has also given our children a place to serve in the ministry here, even with their limited language skills. The Lord has also opened their eyes to see how fun and wonderful our lives can be here. Please pray for our teenagers as they adjust to the huge changes in their lives and for their language development. 8 Islander – November 2014