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Never Too Old! Dr. Pat Creed Sr. June and I rejoice we can continue to be used in serving with church- planting missionaries throughout the Caribbean and the mid-Atlantic area of the United States. We are in the midst of a very busy missions conference schedule this fall. It is exciting to see how God continues to work in the hearts of people in giving to Faith Promise and surrendering to be used any way God wants. We are also planning two trips in the near future, taking pastors down to teach module classes in the Dominican Republic (DR) and taking another church group to the DR for a missions trip. I was recently in a missions conference with a missionary going to Sierra Leone in Africa. He shared how he would have to teach the people how to read before he could ever get them to understand the Bible. Then he mentioned something that caught my interest, and later I asked him for more details and this is what he shared. After presenting our ministry to Sierra Leone at a church in Washington State, a woman, age seventy-six, came up to me with tears in her eyes and told me she had been praying since her husband died last June for what God would like her to do with the remainder of her life. She went on to tell me that together they had started three Christian schools; she had taught in a Christian college and had taught hundreds of people to be teachers, and had even written her own literacy curriculum. When she heard me say Sierra Leone was an English-speaking country, she knew that was where God wanted her to go. She surrendered that same day. She talked to her pastor, called her children, and began to make plans. She arrived in Sierra Leone on September 3, 2013, for a three-month test trip and is currently teaching four national pastors to read so they can be more effective in preaching the Word of God. I am also involved with a group of pastors in our area who meet every couple of months with the purpose of planting new independent Baptist churches. We are presently involved in starting new churches in Rockville, Maryland; downtown Washington, D.C.; Easton, Maryland; and Annapolis, Maryland. Praise the Lord for people young and old who are still willing to listen and respond to the call of God. Islander – November 2014 9