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Central America Jus t One More Soul By Keren Burdick While at school on Monday, a mother came up A week later, I received a call from one of the to Becky Jackson and asked if we could come teachers in the school saying Yordin had been lay hands on her 11-year-old son who was taken back to the hospital for a second surgery sick in bed after appendicitis surgery. due to complications. Becky and I Becky told her we would come pray felt very burdened to witness to him for him. However, we were not going again. As we walked into his room, to lay hands on him! As we entered his mom was overjoyed that we had the dark home, the mother came and come. She began introducing us to ushered us into the bedroom where everyone! Once again, Becky began four beds were lined up. We saw Yordin witnessing to Yordin. Several times lying on one of the beds. We sat on the he rejected. She then began talking to bed beside him and began talking to the mom and asked me to talk to him. him. Becky asked him if he had ever He rejected with me also and said he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Keren Burdick would get saved when he got home He clearly answered, “No.” “Do you know from the hospital. I reminded him that God where you will go when you die?” “Yes,” he had already given him an extra chance and replied, “I will go to hell.” When we questioned he wasn't promised tomorrow. He continued if he wanted to accept Jesus, “No” was his to reject. As we left the hospital, I wanted to answer. We tried to talk to him but realized cry. I could not understand how a child so he was not ready. We had prayer with him and young could be so adamant that he didn't want left. We returned with some medications for salvation. What was even harder was he knew him that the family did not have the money to where he would go if he died! buy. Yordin is from a single parent family, as That whole week I asked people to pray are many of the children in this barrio. for Yordin even though they did not know As Becky and I left that day, we were very the whole situation. I was burdened and subdued and began praying for the salvation begged God to give him another chance. of Yordin. We have been reaching out to the We, along with Pastor Alan Jackson and Dr. children in this barrio through the school Bud Grinstead, who was in Honduras for the ministry, we have found there are some very Field Conference, were able to visit again on interesting thoughts here. One of the little girls Thursday. Once again, he continued to reject. was told she was not saved because she had not Pastor Alan began witnessing to the roommate given up wearing pants. Another one did not and led the little boy's dad to the Lord. Dr. want to get saved because she did not want to Grinstead was witnessing to the doctor and give up pants. We showed them with Scripture Yordin's sister. Becky once again began talking that salvation has nothing to do with wearing a to Yordin. I looked over to see tears in Becky's skirt or pants. It is personally accepting Jesus as eyes and she told me we now had another your Savior and asking forgiveness for your sins. brother in Christ! I turned to Joselin, Yordin's 20 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2014