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T he Man Who Could Not Be Stopped By Jimmy Rose, as told to Eric Bohman To many people, the adjectives sacrifice and commitment are synonymous with a missionary. Whereas that is usually true, there are some who seem to take sacrifice and commitment one step further. Such is the case of a dear friend who is now in heaven, Missionary Bobby Joe Powell. He was the kind of man, like the Apostle Paul, who after difficulty upon difficulty would not quit. He just could not be stopped! Bobby was one of many from my home church who came to pray with us and bid us farewell as we boarded the plane to Brazil for the first time in 1962. A few months passed before he wrote stating that he had likewise felt the call to be a missionary to Brazil and was soon to finish Bible college. We encouraged him as he finished school and completed his deputation. Before long, we were heading to the airport in São Paulo to pick up Bobby and his family to begin ministry in Brazil. We helped them enroll in the Portuguese language school and get settled in a small house, and all was excitement as they began ministry. However, language training would prove to be extremely challenging. Having done well in college, Bobby could not understand why his studies were so difficult. Headaches were frequent and concentration was hard. At the conclusion of his language course, he had to admit his language acquisition was not sufficient to minister by himself. He called me, and we invited them to come and help us in the town of Batatais. All was excitement again as our two families ministered together. Bobby's headaches would return from time to time and be very severe, yet that never dampened his determination to give out the Gospel and get more experience using the language. Often we would meet early in the morning, pray together, fill our satchels with tracts and Bibles, and spend the whole day spreading the message of salvation. By now his headaches were regular and often he would be so sick he could barely continue, but he was determined to give out the Gospel. He just could not be stopped! It was on a visitation day that Bobby suddenly collapsed in front of me. Rushing over to him, I could see that he was still conscious but obviously not quite himself. Upon questioning, he confessed his headaches were becoming incredibly intense and he was having difficulty maintaining his balance. How he had managed to preach and witness that day amazed me! We got him to a good doctor and were shocked when the doctor came out of the examination room and stated that Bobby needed to be rushed immediately to a specialist in the capital. He had a large tumor—the size of a woman's fist—growing in the back of his brain. It was then we realized why the language had been so difficult and the severe headaches had continued to come. Surgery was planned, and the tumor was removed. Although the doctors claimed the operation successful, they said he would probably only have about seven months left to live and he should go back to the States to be with family during his last few months. It was a gloomy gathering at the airport as many missionaries traveled in to pray for Bobby. They all huddled around his wheelchair, asking the Lord to give him strength enough to see his family one more time. The Lord granted that request and answered the prayers far more than anyone expected. Bobby regained strength and, although limited physically, his great desire was to go back to Brazil. He did go back for four miraculous years. Knowing he probably would not have much Number 2, 2014 BIMI WORLD 23