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Lighthouse Baptist Church Sasebo, Japan Steve & Debbie Kissling, Military Missionaries Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation (Isaiah 12:2). In June 2013 we held a summer Bible club for children at the home of a family who was attending our church. During that week two of the children decided to ask Jesus to be their Savior. On the last day of Bible club, we gave each child a Military KJV Bible and a tract from our church. The children were encouraged to ask their families to come and visit Lighthouse Baptist. Sometime later, two of the families began to attend our church. These families are still coming, and one of the mothers has been attending the weekly Bible study. The young boy who made a decision at Bible club recently followed the Lord in baptism. Lighthouse Baptist Church is located close to a Navy base in Sasebo, Japan. Almost weekly we have visitors coming to our services. Twice a month we have a permit to hand out our church tracts at a large mall downtown. We invite Navy folks to visit our church, and we give tracts in Japanese to the many Japanese passing by us in the mall. In June this year we had the privilege to lead two teacher training seminars. One seminar was at Maranatha Baptist Church in Okinawa under Pastor Gary Craft. Several children made decisions for the Lord that week. The second training seminar was held at Yokosuka Baptist Church under Pastor Ed Navato. It was an enjoyable time at these fellow military churches. Debbie and I trust we were a help and blessing to their church families. We held a single sailors pizza fellowship on September 26 at our church. A video was shown about creation, followed by a time of dis- cussion. We want to continue to have special meetings for the single sailors here in Sasebo. Our prayer for Lighthouse Baptist Church is that it will be a welcome place not only for single sailors but also for families of Navy personnel serving here in Japan. We also want to be a witness to Japanese people whenever we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Please pray for the continued growth of Lighthouse Baptist Church that we can be a help in pointing people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Military Constuction Team By Jason Ludeking​ I was saved the night before I left to join the Air Force in January 1968. Since I was involved in Basic Military Training and then technical school with no transportation, I had few opportunities to even attend the base chapel, nor any sound, fundamental churches where I could get any discipleship training as a new Christian.  In August I was invited to attend the Gulfport Heights Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, and I was baptized there in October. When I completed technical school, I was assigned to Lajes Field in the Azores, Portugal. At Lajes I was at a site about six miles from the base where there was a base chapel. This was the only place to attend a Protestant church service since Portugal was under the dictatorship of Salazar, and Roman Catholicism was the only “Official” religion.  I worked a rotating shift, had no transportation, and only attended chapel services one time during the year and a half I was there.  I was transferred to Yokota Air Base (AB) in Fussa, Japan, and became involved with the base chapel program. It was in Japan that I met my wife, Michiko, who was unsaved and had no interest in going to chapel services.   I went back to a rotating shift schedule and stopped attending church/chapel services.  I was then assigned to northeastern Turkey, a hundred miles from Russia in three directions, and the unit chaplain came to the site once a quarter whether he wanted to or not.  From there I was assigned to Montana for a year and a half of hunting and fishing and then to Okinawa for four years of scuba diving.  I then went to southeastern Colorado, a hundred miles from anywhere, and was invited to attend church at the Grace Baptist Church.  In October 1981, thinking that it would be good for our children to get some religious training, I went, taking my wife and children.​ It was in February 1982 that Michiko made a profession of salvation and our son, Jared, made a profession before we left Colorado for my second tour in the Azores.  While in the Azores, we attended Faith Bible Baptist Church for three years. It was during that time that our daughter, Eimi, made her profession of salvation.  We were then reassigned to Yokota AB and attended Yokota Baptist Church for the next seven and a half years. When we arrived, we were staying in the Temporary Lodging