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God Knows What He Is Doing By Don Drake After graduation from boot camp and the Infantry Training Regiment (ITR) in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), I went on a ten-day leave and married my sweetheart Patsy Parrott on September 6, 1968. When my leave was over, I reported for duty at Camp Pendleton, California, for jungle warfare training. In December 1968, I was shipped out to Vietnam. Once I was discharged, Patsy and I began housekeeping in the East Point area on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia. Our daughter, Tammy, was born in June 1970. The next two years were a very rocky road for our marriage, but the Lord stepped into our lives right at the breaking point. Patsy's brother, Ron Parrott, stopped by our house on a Sunday afternoon in April 1972 and witnessed to us. After he and his wife left, deep conviction came upon my heart. I spoke to Patsy and said, “Get ready; we are going to church tonight.” Now, you must realize what a shock that was for Patsy because we had gone to church together only one time in seven years since we met and that was the night we were married! That night, we went to Peoples Baptist Church in Forest Park, Georgia. I was under deep conviction and was saved by the grace of God! Patsy was brought up as a Catholic but was gloriously saved two weeks later in a Wednesday night service. The Lord began immediately putting our marriage and family together, making it a home. Our son, Donnie, was born in July 1973. As we grew in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, developing a close relationship with Him, He began to reveal to us His will and our life's work by calling us into full-time service to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in January 1975. We moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in June and entered Bible school at Tennessee Temple to prepare for ministry. After graduation in August 1978, we began our pastoral ministry, and for the next thirty years we pastored in North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Seeing fruit in all our ministries, the Lord “stirred our nest” after sixteen years in Virginia at the Fellowship Baptist Church. We resigned in 2010, not knowing where our next ministry would take us. As we followed the Lord's leading, preaching all over the southeast, He laid Military Missions on our hearts early in 2012. We drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the Home Office of Baptist International Missions, Inc., (BIMI). We sat down with Dr. Jeff Alverson and discussed Military Missions and shared that the Lord was dealing with our hearts about missions work. Brother Alverson invited us to come to Candidate School in June. “Let us pray and seek the Lord more” was my statement to him that day. After much prayer, I was sure that the Lord was calling us to work with our military overseas and I contacted Dr. Alverson and assured him of our calling. I had prior meetings already scheduled, so I asked if I could begin deputation. I was told yes, but all support until Candidate School had to be sent to our sending church. With that said, we headed for Niceville, Florida, and joined Faith Independent Baptist Church, which ministers to the military in that area. On that Sunday, April 15, 2012, Pastor Humphries took us in as members and became our pastor, and Faith Independent Baptist Church became our sending church. In December our Director, Dr. James Kennard, contacted us and told us of a work in Germany that might be open soon, but I was not at liberty to say where at that time and he asked us to pray about it. So, with much excitement we began to pray and seek the Lord about Germany. In February 2013 we received a call from Pastor Craft, who was then pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Mehlingen, Germany, giving us an invitation to come and preach and talk with the leadership of Heritage Baptist Church. After two trips and much prayer, we were called to be their pastor. Thirteen months from the day we started deputation, we arrived in Germany on May 15, 2013, as Missionary Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church. We love our new ministry and our new home in Mehlingen, Germany. Patsy and I rejoice in that we have seen several saved and baptized in our first year. This is a very fruitful ministry with so many opportunities to serve the Lord. We are in the Kaiserslautern/Ramstein area where thousands of United States Military and their dependents reside. Pray that the Lord would send forth laborers into His harvest. We are rejoicing because the Lord has heard our prayers and has sent reinforcements. The Jason Harvell family, US Military missionaries with BIMI, arrived on the field August 1, 2014, to train and work with us to reach our military for Christ in this area of Germany. They are a God-sent blessing to us and the church. We need more young couples like the Harvells who are called already or praying about full-time service to consider Military Missions. This field is wide open and we desperately need help worldwide to reach our US Military with the Gospel. Please make this a matter of urgent prayer. Anyone interested in working with our military Missions please contact the BIMI office.