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Joyce Journals By Joyce Alverson My life has been one of many opportunities and adventures in the service of the Lord. For 27 years I served the Lord in New York City as a BIMI missionary. In recent years the Lord brought a military missionary into my life and now I am serving the Lord alongside Jeff Alverson as his wife in military missions. I have counted this a great privilege. I am grateful for this time I have had with my husband, traveling to many military bases and churches across the United States, Europe, and Asia while ministering to military missionaries as well as military families. Recently, my husband asked me to write some articles in the Banner about my journeys with him as well as my journeys in the Word of God. In the coming months I will share with you some of those lessons that the Lord has taught me in my time spent with Him and in the times spent in our travels in the military ministry with my husband. As I look back over the past years, I have been blessed while visiting in different military churches statewide and overseas. While visiting in a military church in Germany, I remembered a testimony of a soldier who said He had never been to church in the United States. After receiving an invitation to church, he accepted Christ in one of our military churches; afterwards, he said he heard the story of Jonah for the first time. That soldier has now retired from the Army and plans to be a missionary. While visiting a military church in Italy, we rejoiced with a soldier who had the opportunity to see his daughter get saved and baptized. While I was visiting in Japan, my heart broke for a young soldier mother who was to fly out that week to Afghanistan, leaving her baby boy for the first time. The church family joined in helping the young father with the child until the mother came back home. On our next trip to Japan, we were in the same church there and rejoiced to see the mother had returned safe and was in church with her baby boy in her arms. I praise the Lord for our military missionaries, military personnel, and military families. We owe so much to them for their courage and strength (Joshua 1:6–9). God bless them.