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Africa Pulling Them Out Of The Fire (Jude 23) By Jeremy Pittman — Uganda Missionaries often have the privilege to help the lost see Christ in some of the darkest times of their lives. A lady named Aaima was just about to go through one of those times. passages of Scripture in answer to her numerous questions. Her Moslem friends did not visit her very often and this gave us a wonderful opportunity to continue sharing Christ with her. Since many Islamic men have multiple wives, there are obviously many problems that arise due to jealousy and bitterness. This young Islamic woman, Aaima, who served as a nurse at our nearby hospital, was in the midst of a marriage dispute. One evening while walking to the hospital, she was brutally attacked by a man who poured gasoline down her back and set her on fire! As she screamed less than twenty yards from our home, we, along with many others, came to her rescue and she was immediately taken to the hospital. I left her a New Testament and was encouraged as I saw her reading it regularly as my family would stop by to check on her. This was a big step since many followers of Islam will accept some of the Old Testament teachings but always refuse any New Testament doctrine. The doctor's diagnosis was grim. She had suffered severe burns over 60% of her body. If she survived, it was going to be a very long recovery. We found out later the other wife in the relationship had hired a man to set her on fire in an attempt to have her leave the marriage. She had no family now and very few friends. Over the next month, we had the privilege to visit Mrs. Aaima every other day. We began taking her through the Gospel as well as sharing with her various other 16 Many weeks in the hospital bed gave her ample time to think, meditate, and study the Scriptures, and I was overjoyed one day when Mrs. Aaima announced that she was ready to be “born again” and trust Jesus as her Lord and Savior. What a sweet prayer it was as she, for the first time, called upon the real God to save her soul! She began discipleship lessons immediately and actually was an encouragement to us as she began to witness to her Moslem friends. Today, her physical condition has greatly improved, but she still bears the scars. She enjoys sharing her testimony with others as she believes God used that horrible incident of physical fire to turn her heart to accept Jesus Christ and forever avoid hell's eternal fire.   W